Year Level: 2

At the successful completion of this module the student should:
  • Explain the elements of a project and project management practices, functions, phases, methodologies, central concepts and issues.
  • Distinguish the knowledge areas and apply the concepts of scope, time, budget, risk, and quality management within a real-time project environment.
  • Critically evaluate theories, methodologies, frameworks, and practices and apply them in an Information Systems project.
  • Compile the required documentation and manage the steps to execute each phase within the project lifecycle.
  • Apply fundamental research principles to search for and manage information within a chosen and/or specified context in the area of Information Technology (IT) Project Management.
  • Communicate knowledge and ideas verbally, symbolically and in writing coherently, particularly within IT project environment

Main Content
  • Project management concepts
  • Project planning and control
  • The project environment
  • Managing the constraints within a project
  • The management of project scope, time, budget, risk, human resource, communication and quality management
  • The project lifecycle
  • Project management methodologies
  • Implementation of Information Systems projects

NQF Level: 6

NQF Credit Value: 20

Pre-requisites BCom, BCom 4-year, BAdmin, BSc IFS 231
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