Recent reports predict a rise in augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR) content with tremendous potential benefits for:

  • Individuals as they seek to further develop their workplace knowledge and skills;
  • Businesses by easing usage and providing scalability and new types of content and application experiences for customers and employees; and
  • Education by providing new ways of learning, viewing content and interacting with content.

    • This accredited postgraduate qualification is a response to the need for an expertise base for developing and customising augmented reality and virtual reality content at a time when South Africa is transitioning into the technological phenomenon known as the 4th industrial revolution – changing the way we interact with digital content. The programme will be implemented to cater for the growing market of scalable virtual reality and augmented reality solutions. The qualification provides a unique opportunity to create an interdisciplinary research interface between life, the physical and health sciences, the humanities and technology in order to build new capabilities and nurture future generation of scholars and practitioners.

      At the end of the PG diploma the student will:
      • Demonstrate understanding of applicable immersive technology frameworks.
      • Develop immersive technology tools including virtual, augmented and mixed reality content. Understand the immersive technology eco-system.
      • Make appropriate analyses of immersive technology applicability and needs for different applications and frameworks.
      • Have a good command and understand research methods that will result in a capstone project.

      Type of student
      Individuals who are interested in:

      • immersive technologies including augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality
      • applying immersive technologies to their current discipline or field of expertise
      • responding to the market demand of skilled immersive technology developers
      • distributed immersive technology software applications
      • immersive technology project management.

      Minimum admission requirements
      An undergraduate degree with a final year average pass of 60%.

      Recommended admission requirements
      An undergraduate degree with a final year average pass of 60%, in one of the following disciplines:

      • Science
      • Technology
      • Engineering
      • Medicine / Health Sciences
      • Business
      • Mathematics
      • Computer Science
      • Education
      • Tourism
      • Media
      • Entertainment
      • Architecture

      Optional admission requirements
      • Basic IT software and hardware knowledge
      • Basic programming knowledge
      • Basic 3D modelling

      Core Modules
      • Introduction to VR/AR and techniques in interactive application development.
      • 2D and 3D graphic assets creation within VR/AR application
      • AR/VR Interactive Content Development
      • AR/VR Scripting, Programming and VR/AR Software Development
      • VR/AR Application Development for Mobile Platforms
      • AR/VR Practical Project and Project Management

      Course Duration
      12 Months for full-time

      Course starting date: 28 Januray 2019

      Application closing date:16 November 2018

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