Year Level: 2

At the successful completion of this module the student should:
  • Explain the range, function and nature of the diversity of business information systems
  • Critically evaluate the interrelationships between business information systems
  • Apply Information Systems theory and principles to improve business performance in the context of business cases and scenarios
  • Apply key concepts of operations management within the business environment
  • Develop objectives and strategic plans for the development of integrated information systems within organisations
  • Explain the role of data and business intelligence in supporting management decision making
  • Define the digital enterprise, and identify the unique characteristics of eCommerce and eBusiness systems as they relate to the digital enterprise

Main Content
  • Management Information Systems
  • Decision support systems
  • Expert systems
  • Electronic commerce and transaction processing systems
  • Specialised information systems

NQF Level: 6

NQF Credit Value: 20

Pre-requisites BCom (IS) IFS 242
Launch Course