Business Analysis equips students with the fundamental knowledge for those who would like to pursue a career as a business analyst. The module covers concepts such as Unified Modelling Language (UML) Class diagrams and Use Case. Students are introduced to technical diagrams in order to understand and map business processes against existing systems, which determines whether organisations should re-engineer or re-design these business processes. Additionally,  students are exposed to change models in order to understand the impact of process modelling on workflow and how to manage those changes with minimal resistance to the introduction of new processes and systems

Year Level: 2

At the successful completion of this module the student should:
  • Apply the concepts of business analysis and information systems to a business case study/scenario.
  • Compose a business case document for an organisation with appropriate and feasible recommendations.
  • Gather, document, classify and evaluate business requirements, and translate these requirements into viable diagrams and solutions.
  • Construct an accurate and complete process model from a case study/scenario and critically appraise existing business process models.
  • Construct logical diagrams using accurate Unified Modelling Language (UML) rules and notations, for a business case study/scenario.
  • Construct logical data and entity relationship models, for a business case study/scenario, using accurate notations.
  • Discuss the relevance of trending Information Systems concepts that pertain to the scope of the business analysis profession.

Main Content
  • Introduction to business analysis
  • Development of documentation pertaining to business analysis
  • Management of business change
  • Business requirements elicitation and analysis
  • Business process design and mapping
  • Database design and data modelling
  • UML notation for documenting of above content areas
  • Trending IS concepts related to Business analysis, appropriate to second year level

NQF Level: 6

NQF Credit Value: 20

BCom Students (3-year programme)
IFS131/IFS132 and QSC131/132 or MAT126 and ALC131/132

BCom Students (4-year programme)
IFS131/IFS132 and QSC131/132 or QSF131/132 and ALC131/132

BAmin Students
IFS131/IFS132 and QSC131/132 or QLC 131/132 (70%) and ALC131/132

BSc Students (3 year programme)
IFS131/IFS132 and COS101 and (COS114 orand EED127 and(MAT105 or STA111 or MAT103)

BSc Students (4 year programme) IFS131/IFS132 and COS101 and ISC153 and MAM151
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