M.Tech.: Information Technology – Central University of Technology, Free State (2008)
Assessment (HOS512) – University of the Free State (2006)
Teaching and Learning (HOS518) – University of the Free State (2006)

Research Areas
Web design & Development
User centered design
Design thinking
Technology adoption
Data visualisation
Data science

Viljoen, SJ., Pretorius, E., Wessels, CH., Gericke, OJ. (2006) Creating a Catchment Management Information System (CMIS): Moving from a database to a geodatabase.

Viljoen, SJ. (2007). Creation of a hydrological modelling environment to assist in the decision making of water-related activities. Masters thesis, 2008. Central University of Technology, Free State

Viljoen, SJ. (2010) The challenges to present a Service Learning Module: Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in a community affected by the Digital Divide. (2010)

Viljoen, SJ. (2011) Become computer literate and remove the “Monster” behind technology. (2011)

Viljoen, SJ. (2013) To be empowered a producer of food need knowledge derived from web-based information systems. (2013)

Professional Skills/Areas of Expertise
Web design & development
Software development”